Today we live in a world of ‘leaders’ a world which does not celebrate individual skills or ability. It only celebrates those who can lead.  “Creating the leaders of tomorrow” so many of these people are being told they are meant to lead. Leading forward is the only way, however sometimes its OK to be part of the machine.

As much as it is important to have a head, someone who thinks and acts. Coordinating the group that they are found in. It is just as important to work together as a team. To have people providing different skills, and doing the work, acting and behaving as necessary as their role needs them to do.

Many do not understand this, and recently I saw down at a conference congratulating 60 newly made leaders. Most of which were uncomfortable sitting in their barely used suits and snuffling uncomfortably in their seats waiting for their turn to accept a certification that yes, they are leaders and that yes they are to be the leaders of tomorrow.

Thinking that you have the qualities of a leader that you deserve to be on top, its quite normal, in fact. The majority of people think they are above the average in skills and ability.  When more people think they deserve more then they are, that is when problems ensue. Most people think they are better then their managers and superiors and that they deserve more.

However, yes we are now living in a world of leaders, and we have forgotten that we need to work together in a team.

A team only has one leader.



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