Learning how to Think.

Most people who are currently at university, can relate to this and possibly understand what it means to never have enough time.

Time to do our assignments,
Time for having a social life,
Time for our studies,

This during the Time of our Life.

When enrolled in some courses it is more possible; while in others it can be slightly harder. The understanding of this, bringsĀ frustrations in our system, yet this brings growth. Growth that isĀ achieved by finding purpose, the purpose to get to the finish line, to our degree.

Having now been at university for what is now going to be my fifth year, I am beginning to understand that realisation of the purpose. We simply are not meant to be able to do everything. The courses are structured in a way which make us prioritize things. They make us understand what is important: play to our strengths and above all else think.

Thinking is something that we take for granted, something we automatically acquire, a second nature. Yet, after sitting in class after class, learning subjects and meeting new people I have yet to understand what thinking actually is.

All that I know is that, as exams are coming up I am learning how to think in a new school of thought, rather two new schools. That of the political and of the journalistic, while at the same time trying to apply what I was brought up and trained with, a scientific and logical way of understanding new things.

As I say this I should probably get back to studying, it is amazing how procrastination makes us and allows us to bring out certain characteristics out from inside.




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