Terror. What is the answer?

San Bernardino

Now all we hear is:
We need to step up!
We need to fight back!
What I ask you is this.
FIGHT AGAINST WHO? An idea, a concept! The very concept that was born from us fighting, bringing “Peace”. Our intents were good, our actions were not.
We are now seeing the embers that are flying from the gigantic inferno that is the middle east. Hitting the west, the ideals, the hate forged in war, thought death and despair. Children seeing their parents murdered, people grasping for power, people scared for their very life’s. They need someone to blame, they need something to believe in.
Hence an enemy is created.
Then what do we do? We send them more bombs, the very bombs that created the monsters that strike at us, at all those around them. At anyone who will listen to their anguish.
Call me an Idealist, call me crazy, maybe I am. You want to fight terrorism, then give up on your anger. We hit each other, one by one, we hurt each other more and more. Hate turning to hate, more and more innocents getting caught in crossfire of ideologies.
Why do not we stop and help those around us? Find solutions to stop killing rather then asking for more violence.
Fire was never beaten with more fire. We always used something else.

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