“Bullying is the physical or psychological abuse with the purpose of intimidating or forcing someone to do what one wants.”

      – Definition from Dictionary.com

Bullying has been a problem since there has been imbalance of power, since there are people who are physically stronger than others or have more psychological influence over others. Using this power, to empower themselves, to stop others who contradict and who are ‘different’ and to establish more control on their environment.

Something that our mind always jumps to when we hear the word, bully. We think of the school yard and of course the big bad boy or prim and proper girl with her followers. Perhaps we think of the leather-clad children. That is the problem, we focus on children. They are the only one’s who are bullied, because they are helpless and if anyone else is abused and pushed around, it is their fault for not fighting back

When you get to high school, when you are discovering yourself you are fighting to be considered as an adult. One of the first things that changes is that you are left on your own, you are trying to get independence form your parents. Yet at the same time you are being bullied and abused at your school. That is something that really does not ring well with me.

Then you graduate, you go to university, you go to work, and still you are being bullied you are still being abused. Maybe the other way round, the bullies themselves become the bullied. Yet there is not acceptance, barely any acknowledgement that this is happening. Why?

Agreeing with the fact that adults have a bigger opportunity to run. Running, why does that have to happen? Why are we so passive when people are abused and used. People who run, never get a chance to solve their problem, only perhaps to make it grow more.

I was heavily bullied when I was a kid, I was heavily bullied when I was a teen, I learnt to take it and now show it still was difficult. Yet, the fact that I still had to take it, that is this should not have happened. This was not just me, this is the story that many people live every day. Constantly, fearing going to school, to work, to leave their home.

That is still not right, not right that someone has to use their influence to overpower someone else, to overcome someone else and become a cause for misery and regret. With the young ones we call it bullying, yet only when it happens from one adult to another the word for it becomes apparent.

The word is abuse.

The reasons for abuse are many and often different.

Yet they are never excusable.


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