The Keg has been broken,
the tankards have been set,
the mouths are dry,
so let the glorious lager flow.

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Out and about Ramble

Sitting down watching people passing by through one of the busiest parts of Malta. The “up town” part as others would say of the islands, the nation. Yes Malta is a very small place, we literally do look like a dot, even form just a plane.

Yet just watching people walk by. I could see so many stories passing by, so many people to talk to. Just beside me an old man was sitting on my bench, yet he moved over to the next one. I wonder what was holding him back from saying hi. Then again I am the weird guy with a laptop, outside in the middle of the pavement, sitting down on a random bench and staring while typing…I think I just realised why he didn’t say hi. Maybe next time I will take a book, or I should say hi to him…WOULD I LOOK TOO CREEPY!?!?

The old lady walking her dog, a small Yorkshire terrier, while she is talking to her partner. They are chatting happily and looking around commenting on things as they are passing. The evening is truly fantastic, the wind is chilly, yet the air is clean, the sky is blue and the sun, the sun is gorgeous, I can see the final rays hitting the clouds, the remnants of the storm that passed by recently. They, the sun rays, are licking the day good bye then there were people who were gathering to drink.


Oh my I just met a friend who I had met at university during the start of the second semester. That was such a nice surprise, sorry I had to stop but YOU HAVE to talk to the French guy who stops to talk to you. Anyway I ended talking to him for another few minutes and half an hour later I am now at the shisa place that I was supposed to meet my friend Ahmad, for a nice chat. Seems in the meantime some other people might join us, well why the hell not the more the merrier, the fun never ends with these people!

I guess I have to say, walking today was the best decision I took considering the amount of stuff that happened and or actually did not happen. Talking to myself while typing and looking at people is weird but it is so incredibly fun I am so amused. This is honestly a skill I am so happy to have.

Oh were was I yes, well guys now is time for aperol and shisha and a nice relaxing time for Alex, so tata,


(Two hours later I was still waiting apparently it takes a guy two hours to do grocery shopping).

Bus ride though the neighborhood.

A duck

An old man in the street.
Gave me some of the wisest advise.

Never trust the bear
With the beer of no foam.

A fox came over,
While the snake slithered away

Drinking old whiskey
While the cat sipped brandy

All the while:
I stood,
I drank,
I ate,
I smoked,

A bag pikes filled with,

Waiting for the nights end.