Dear Hon. Bartolo,

When allegations spring up in the media, public officials resign, pending the outcome of an investigation. The whole point of resigning is to make way for the whole truth to emerge without suspicions of tampering. Additionally, if an ex-minister is found guilty of money-laundering, it is much less shameful than if he still held public office.

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Whistles and Wolves

The pride I felt when I read, some years back the whistleblower’s act, which Malta was discussing in Parliament was incredible. Providing legal, civil and human protection to those who would be brave enough to come forward and discuss real problems. Real issues, real crimes happening around them, and around us.

Such an instrument within a democracy is vital. Making sure the checks and balances are kept in place, and let us not to be so proud so as to say that a democracy does not need these balances. Simply because the economy keeps growing, simply because there has been an electoral landslide victory towards onside of the chamber of parliament.

Hence when the first whistles blew, you cannot imagine my shock and awe at how fast the wolves gathered at the doorstep of justice. Not the doorstep of those who are incriminated, allegedly or actually corrupt. No, they gathered in their packs ready for the slaughter of anyone who spoke against their alfa leaders.

The results of this ended with the whistleblowers themselves being implicated in crimes they did not commit or crimes which are created due to the misguidance of those that at the top; the very same people who have been exposed by those who blew the whistle of justice.

Yet, only wolves awaited them.

While the guards’ dogs of justice looked the other way.

I deserve it

Today was such a long day; I really need this break tonight. Going out with the lads, have a lovely huge cookout. Between you and me, my belly is bulging imma ejja, tomorrow is another day, and I will start jogging tomorrow. To burn off the extra fat that I will gain tonight. But istra, today was harsh; so much work, so much stress.

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Hitler and Stalin

Names which inspired fear and horror in those who opposed them. Yet the same men had the unquestionable faith of those who followed them. This was the reason they did actually gain power, as those around them made sure to discredit, diminish and undermine all those who stood up and spoke against.

First, it came with intimidation, words, present in the lives of anyone who spoke up or simply did not agree. Effectively silencing slowly those who would think about speaking up, about having an opinion. Then finally, came the removal of anyone who opposed, arrests, disappearance, brutality. Thugs roaming the streets, secret police everywhere, those who would encourage you to give up your own family, for any acts that are treacherous to the motherland, to the fatherland.

Then we live a life of fear, not being able to trust anyone around us, not being able to speak to anyone, not being able to disobey or act independently. For you start fearing for your life, for the life of your loved ones.

Then you live in an autocracy.

Malta…what is happening to us…




Today we live in a world of ‘leaders’ a world which does not celebrate individual skills or ability. It only celebrates those who can lead.  “Creating the leaders of tomorrow” so many of these people are being told they are meant to lead. Leading forward is the only way, however sometimes its OK to be part of the machine. Continue reading Leaders